Better Comment Form!

Great news for Bloggers!

You already know that Blogger has not-good-enough-comment form, do you?
Many many times, I think to move my blog to Wordpress because of this, buuuuut I've already falling in love with Blogger! I love the the freedom to change the template, HTML, widget and anything else without any exception even though it is free. Can I switch to another CMS just because one condition? It makes me feel a little guilty *sigh

Well, when I was blogwalking, I found this great website! It answers my (or your) problem!


Hell yeah, according to its motto takes comments to the next level is TRUE!

Here is the instruction:
1. Choose Installing at the bottom of the main menu

2. Then sign up

3. Put your URL

4. Choose your platform and configure to install (the picture a little bit different, because at the first time installing, I forgot to capture it. I'm sorry!). I choose for TEMPLATE and ALL NEW POSTS

5. The instruction will show, and follow it

6. And, finally, if you want to setting it to enable comment from Facebook and Twitter, from your account, choose Site > Your Blog > Settings > Comments

Tadddaaaaaaa, now you can see this great comment form below my post!

Ohhh, I'm so happy to tell you about this! *bighug

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