Hello Ghost - Korea


Again, Cha Tae Yun (of box office movie, My Sassy Girl) surprised me (or you, after watch this) with another great movie with his acting!

It is NOT another stupid ghost comedy movie like you ever seen in Indonesia! A BIG NO!

I give this comedy movie : 11 from 10!!! It is a must for you to watch!

Bring a box of tissues....or two ^_^
I cried everytime I watch it! This movie will touch your deepest heart. If you think your life full of problems, full of sadness, full of fails, it is important for you to watch! I dare you!

A depression and lonely young man, Kang Sang Man (Cha Tae Yun), tries to suicide. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), he fails. After he wakes up at hospital, suddenly he enables to see ghosts. First, he meets a fat guy who always smoking all the time. Second, a crybaby woman. Third, a pervert old man who likes to drunk. The last, he meets a kid who always eating.
Cha Tae Yun
Kang Hye Won

All this ghosts are following him and don't want go away from him until he helps them to completed their mission.
They are the trouble makers!
His life more worst than before!

How can he win his beloved, Jung Yung Soo's (Kang Hye Won) heart?
How can he expel the ghosts?
Why are they follow and bother him?
And the most important :

You have NO IDEA!

I've made confused with the beginning story, and it came boring....until I've surprised with the shock twist ending! And yes, cryyyiiiing a lot!

This is a BRILLIANT movie, I told you! Ever! Ever! Ever! Four thumbs up!

I PROMISE YOU, after you watch this, you will re-think what is the most important for you!

This is the trailer from this fantastic movie:


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