- 16 Jan 2012

Fight Weight

I don't know if I gained weight until my hubby took my pictures. Oh NO! NO! NO!
Yes, I just stopped breastfeeding Little Bee couple months ago, and not realizing it. When I was pregnant, my weight is up to 15 kg increase. After birth, I could lose my weight until 20 kg because I was breastfeed. Sound nice, isn't it?

And NOW is a nightmare for me!

What should I do?

My daily food are just rice, fishes and vegetables, sometimes chicken. No snacks. No soda.
What's wrong with that?

Arrrghh, I never try diet! Because I hate that!

I must find a way out to solve my weight problem. Long time ago, I've watched discussion about PILATES at TV. Why not try it? It's cheap, I can do it at home!

And great, I found this video about pilates for weight loss

And this is pilates for flatten stomach and tighten waist
When first time I saw this, I thought that was easy! But, I was sweating just in 3 movements! It's not that easy! Or just because I rarely exercise ^_^

So my friends, wish me luck!

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