First Blog Award

Whoooaaaah, almost a week I was busy with my brother wedding preparations, AG...fiuuuuuhhh...finally all goes well. Alhamdulillah...
I hope I could tell about it later. Wait for my next post, OK?

Ehhhm, when I opened my blog, I was given an AWARD from my dear friend, Cova! Thank you Covaaaaaa, this is my FIRST AWARD! Yippy Yippy Yippppyyyyy!!!

There is a homework again but I'm happy because it means that I have another post!

Well, now I want to do this homework.The conditions are that I must answer 5 questions. Here's my answer:

1. Q : Who is your favorite teacher(s)?
A : My dance teachers, Miss Lucy and Mr. Rasif (I'm sorry Mr Rasif if I was wrong about your name, I've forgotten! LOL). Miss Lucy taught me dance at the elementary and Mr. Rasif teach me at junior high. Yes. I love dance!!
From Zapin Dance (this is a must, because I live in Riau Province), Welcoming Dance (Riau), Dishes Dance (West Sumatra), Saman Dance (Aceh), to Modern Dance. Dance also brought me in front of Riau Governor in Porseni(Pekan Pertandingan Olahraga dan Seni,Sports and Arts Matches Week) event for two years in the elementary. Dance is my world when I was little.

2. Q : What is your favorite food? What is not?
A : No matter if it's jengkol, pare, petai, whatever, I can eat it. From the spicy to bitter. I like almost all the food, but the most I love is Chinese food. And oddly, after get married, my favorite food was added : my hubby's leftover. Hahaha....Don't know why, but it just happened. Food that I do not like : Nothing! Call me the woman who eat like a horse!

3. Q : Tell your memorable experience!
A : Going to Medan for the first time in duty trip with my ex-boss. When landing, the plane had turbulence for almost 20 feels like the last time for me! My heart pounded, guts shrunked! Stewardess said that the turbulence was caused by Bahorok wind. Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely. And the pleasure was getting more, because I could occupied my luxury hotel room, like a princess in the fairytale. LOL

4. Q : Who is your first love?
A : Hihihi....*blushing* Crush on a guy in first time when I was in a junior high because he is cool and he could drawing well. The story was just glancing each other, and that didn't continue, because I was a really shy girl. ^^

5. Q : Who is your best friend?
A : My husband, no doubt. You can see all the story about this man here

OK, mission accomplished!
Now, it's time for sharing it!

This award goes to......*drumroll
So, congratulations for all of you! Grab this award and of course, please answer the five questions! ^^

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  1. wow! wht a great post!
    Thanks Mayya cayank.. muach.. *kecup basah* ^_^
    so u're a shy girl who eat like a horse.. wkwkwk..

  2. Hihihi...thanks cova! *kissbalik

    Psssttt, yes, I am a shy girl who eat like a horse! Don't tell anyone, OK? This is our secret...(^_*)b

  3. Makasih looooh awardnyaaa.. Sudah aku manfaatkan dengan baik dan benar.. ^^

  4. Mayya thanks yah buat awardnya!!!!! :)

    Ouuww... ternyata jago nari tradisional niy? Kereenn!! :)

  5. @Bebe : Great, tetep posting yang selalu buat aku senyam-senyum yaaah... ^^
    @Chita : Makin rajin posting ya say....Ho oh, penari jaman bahuela sih iya hihihi....

  6. wah slamat ya :D
    aseek trnyata dpet award juga :p

  7. Eh, ternyata si Galau dapet award juga tuuuhhh....

  8. Hai Mba... salam kenal. aku datangd air blog nya mba winnie hihihii...

  9. Holaaa Mila!
    Salam kenal jugaaa...
    Sebenarnya dah sering mampir ke blog Mila, jadi secret admirer hihihi...


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