2012 Project Challenges

Welcome 2012!

As in previous years, the beginning of each year, I make dream projects this year too. If I usually just write it in my diary, reading alone, thinking myself, now, because I've already have blog, I put it in here ^_^

Here we go:
  1. Was able to earn money from trading
  2. Monday Thursday fasting every week and praying Dhuha everyday
  3. Little Bee started entering in playgroup
  4. Still fall in love with my hubby everyday and hope to be given another bundle from heaven
  5. Grow flowers from seed to full bloom
  6. Collect 12 types of flowers (1 kind each month)
  7. Honeymoon to Bali-Lombok (Yeah, we haven't done it already hihihi)
  8. Take English conversation course
  9. Mastering Wordpress and CSS
  10. Launching Morning Raindrops with domain .com
  11. Posting on blog five times a week and get at least 12 new blogger friends
  12. Buy a bicycle
The progress will be posted and updated here on Morning Raindrops as possible. Hope all my projects will be done!

What about your projects this year, friends? Write it on your blog and invite me to read it!

Wish 2012 is a foothold year for us in the next step closer to our big dreams! And thank you for being a Morning Raindrops reader, subscriber, commenter, follower, +1er, liker and friend! ^_^

*Thanks for Karen's Life List to this inspiration
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  1. Good luck sama rencana2nya... ^___^

  2. wishing you all the great things in life and may all your project 2012 turn to reality next year :)

  3. @Bebe : thanks cinta....good luck juga dengan rencananya di tahun ini ^___^
    @Seagate : thanks a lot...hope your dreams come true, too ^^


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