Hear Me - Taiwan

It's a long time I don't review a movie! Housework and Little Bee makes me busy, of course. Sooooo....Here's my review about : Hear Me. Prepare your tissue before watching this!

This movie is a dedication to persons with hearing impaired.
There's two sisters named Yang-Yang (Ivy Chen) and Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen). Their mom was passed away and their father is a missionary at Africa.
So, they just lived alone. Xiao Peng is a swimming athlete and Yang Yang is a street performance, who paid for their lives both.

Tian Kuo, a sloppy food delivery boy, falling in love with Yang-Yang.  They communicate using SIGN LANGUAGE. (Can you ever imagine two loving people with sign language? This answers how!)

One day, when Xiao Peng got accident, Yang Yang realizes she spent too much time with Tian Kuo and decides to break off their relationship.
Tian Kuo's parents do not agree with their relationship too.

Finally, it ends with suprised twist!
Ivy Chen as Yang Yang
Michelle Chen as Xiao Peng
Eddie Peng as Tian Kuo
Here is the trailer (Sorry, not english subtitle...I can't find one)

One of my favorite scenes when they can argue each other with no sound! Another favorite scene is how Tian Kuo's parents show their love to him with different way.

Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words 
~ Fr. Jerome Cummings

Watch it and you have no regret! (^_*)b

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