A Little Thing Called Love - Thailand

This comedy and romance genre movie is different from Thailand movie that I ever watched. Yeah, some of you maybe know that Thailand movies (most of that I ever watched) has animal creatures, horror, black magic, or of course sex scene.
But this one is different. Trust me, you will not disappointed to watch this movie...

This movie tells about first love and friendship. Just that simple.
WE ALL have experienced first love. WE ALL have BEST FRIEND.
Yes, it is about US!

What I like from this movie:
  1. Natural. All the actors or actresses, wardrobe, place setting and mostly the acting!
  2. Story line. Tell me just one movie from Indonesia that ever make teenager story is so interesting! I think that AADC (Ada Apa Dengan Cinta) that tells about same story still cannot beat this!
  3. Scene. Simple things can be a hard feeling to see  ^_^ I love it!

In beginning scene, you will see a handsome guy, yeah, REALLY handsome (that I wish I was younger to adore him hahaha...^^V)
Mario Maurer
And she is the main actress, so pretty, and can be ugly in this movie
Pimchanok Leuwiset Paiboon
Check this trailer, and you will be no regret!

Details see at IMDB
Wanna see this full movie? Check IDWS, pal!


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