Create Facebook Fan Page for Blog or Website

One of the biggest social networking site is Facebook. It is the great way to promote your blog and get more audience. Here's the following steps to make ours:

1. Login to Facebook and go to Create Facebook Fan Page

2. Now you can see these thumbnails and choose Brand or Product

3. Then, choose Website and give a blog name

4.  And now you're going to three steps. Step 1, upload or import your image for this blog fan page. After that click Continue to go to Step 2.

5.  Step 2, invite friends or import contacts to get your audience in Facebook. If you're finished, click Continue to go to Step 3

6. Now, you can setting up your profile fan page and Save.

So, as example, there it is Morning Raindrops Fan Page, that I've created.

In the next post, I will give you how to put Facebook Fan Page Badge as your widgets in blog/website


  1. nice posting..
    good job.. (^_^)

  2. thanks daus...hope this usefull for you ^^

  3. Thks ya atas infonya.. sekarang udah muncul ni di WP ku.. di kasih tanda like ya... hehehe... thx u :p

  4. @Arlyn:
    Senang ini bisa berguna untuk Arlyn ^_^


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