Germinating Seeds Like Having A Baby!

It has been long time when I told about the seeds that I bought. Honestly, this is the first time I try gardening, and this far, it's so fascinating! My hubby helped me much for my new hobby. He got humus soil near the house, accompanied me to buy roasted husks, compost and poly bag. I learned about this from planting forum in Kaskus.

With a ratio 3 : 1 : 1 of humus soil, roasted husks and compost, I try to germinate the seeds and watering twice a day regularly. Unfortunately, this was not working! Almost two weeks, there are NO SHOOTS! Oh, I felt miserable!
I try again. And this time, I searched at Youtube. I found this video, teach how to germinate seeds in paper towel:


And yay! this method was working with my seeds I brought fom Payakumbuh, West Sumatra, my hubby hometown. It was germinated for 3-5 days.

3-5 days

3-5 days

after 1 week
after 2 weeks

But, this method is not working for most of the Songbird Mix seeds and for all the Empress Tree seeds that I tried. It became rotting and smelly. Ah, what else I must do? I still tried the other way to seed them, just wait for my next post about this, do you?


  1. Selain suka menulis dan canggih fotografi, mba maya suka berkebun jg ya. english *_*

  2. @IrmaSenjayang canggih fotografi itu hubby-ku mbak ^___^
    Sekarang udah mulai maleees...berkebun dan in englishnya *tampar pipi sendiri*


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