5 Romantic Things That He's The Only One Did For Me

Here is the things my hubby did for me when we still date before got married. Actually, maybe this things make me realize how his love means for me and I knew he is the one.

1. He put his jacket on me in the rain (this is why i love the rain)
2. He left a message at my flash disk when I was angry and didn't want talk to him
3. He cried for me, hold my hand and said 'Finally I found you'
4. He is my first kiss
5. We're hold hand each other, without say a word, only looked at each other eyes, and that's our way to say LOVE

This is video from Lady Antebellum : Just A Kiss. I really love this song, make me always reminds me of my hubby and what he already did for me. Enjoy it ^_^


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