Jealous Season 2 ( He Did It! )

Did you read about my jealousy before? Well, it was continued actually.
We had breakfast, and this was our conversation:
H: "Honey, I'll become a judge for a photo contest this week!"
I : "Oh great!!! Where will the contest be held?"
H: "In the pool..."
I : "Pool...What??"
H: "Yes, the theme is SWIMSUIT. Is it OK with you?"
I :  "OK." (Then, imagining the models with BIKINI around my hubby...)
I : "Uh..honey, could the theme be changed?"
H: "Honey, this is not my decision.."
I  : (silent, thinking....Well, I must put MY LINGERIE on TONIGHT!!! Mission begin!)

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  1. I know exacly how u're feeling, coz i hv been there.. hihihi..

  2. Really? the bikini's part or the mission? Hahaha...jealous means : we still love the one ^_^

  3. the mission of course.. haha..
    I totaly agree with u.. ;)

  4. haha.. nice one.. i hope the mission was successful ;-)

  5. hihihi...psssttt... ^^

    btw, i can't see your profile, so i can't go to your blog... :(

  6. My hubby's part time job is a photographer too and he also doing the bikini model photo session.
    But I wasn't really jealous, because no matter how sexy the models are, I know that his heart is mine ^_^

  7. Whoaaa...nice to see the same victim hihihi!

    I pray for you, you're his best model that he ever had! Forever and ever! ^_^


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