Gratitude Turns What We Have Into Enough

Coincidentally, when looking for information of scholarships abroad, I met Chita's blog and found a posting about gratitude. I love it!

Quite simply, if we have blessings in your life, just write the appreciation on that post so if we feel sad or depressed, we will always be reminded of what God has given to us. Remind us to always be grateful even in any condition.

No matter how good or bad we think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for our life.
With every breath we take, someone just took their last.
Stop complaining about what we have and be thankful for not having worse.
Let us be grateful started now!

Here is my gratitude or you can see at my top menu ^_^


Oh, before you go to your blog and write the gratitude, I've got present for you, to making your day brighter:

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  1. seems nice, let us to be grateful anytime :)

  2. Thanks Hari! hope it'll inspire you too ^^

  3. nice ... let's count our blessings :)

  4. Aku suka banget ma hadiahnya :)
    Apalagi kalimat 'never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them' dan 'leave everything a little better than you found it'. Rasanya mudah untuk dilakukan, tapi ya kok sering lupanya yah... :)

  5. Eh, yg punya blog nongol dimari!hihihi
    Syukurlah Chita seneng ama hadiahnya ^^
    Aku juga sering lupa ama hal2 kecil yg besar itu...

    Membuat hidup kita lebih berkualitas ya gak?

  6. huaaaaah... suka banget postingnya.. Iya nih gara2 Chita jadi pingin bikin gratitute page juga.. Insya Allah mulai 2012 mulai ada deh.. ^__^


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