Kneel and Sleep

Little Bee likes chocolate very much.
At his bed time, he asked me for a chocolate donut, and I insisted no chocolate for him. He would becomes 'hyperactive' if I gave him too much.
I once had gave him chocolate misses when his bed time, and he ran around the house until late and could not be stopped! I don't want that happen again. Ever!

And, you can guess. He cried and cried. But, still no chocolate donut allowed. I tried to ignore his crying.
He rolled over and over at the floor. And, still NO from me.

At least, he fell ASLEEP! Not the sleep that makes me laugh, but how he slept! Just like my older post Sleep In Orange! In Mouth

Here he is:

You slept with funny way AGAIN, Little Bee! How dear!

I corrected the way he slept and put a pillow below his head, and Little Bee slept tight at last.

At the end of this sleep event, he woke up and still asked me for a chocolate donut! Oh my! I felt pity because he fall asleep before he had dinner and I knew he was hungry. I gave him finally. "Just ONE donut!", I said. He repeated me, "Just one donut."

But the fact, after he finished that donut, he asked me for more. But I said one more time, "There is no donut! Just ONE!". He obeyed.(He already knew that his mother was so consistent, maybe...)
For replacement, he asked me, "FRUIT!". I gave him two apples. At the last apple piece, he fall asleep again until morning came...

Oh little Bee, you're my everything.... ^_^


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