I love photography, and my hubby loves more.

Yes, he is a photographer and graphic designer. I'm so jealous if I saw him worked with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop fluently, no mouse, just keyboard. Oh, God! Give me just a little amazing and fabulous skill from him, just copy his hands and paste in me! LOL

He becomes a graphic designer 10 years ago and becomes photographer just 3 years ago, when we're just getting married. Maybe I cannot become a photographer, but my hubby does. I'm grateful with it. A photographer wife. Not bad.

There's a funny story when he started his job as photographer.

There is time when he was so busy, taking pictures with his friends.
And the subject? The girls. The MODELS.

He asked me, "Do you not jealous with the girls? Because most of my friends that already married not allowed with their wifeto take pictures of these girls. How can you not?"

I answered him, "Oh honey, you just TAKE PICTURES of them, right? But you SLEEP with me, don't you? They just become a picture as a result, and with me? Oh, we've got Little Bee, isn't it? THEY who should be jealous of me."

He burst out laughing. He said, "That's why I choose you become my wife, that's why I love you".

You know, honey? I love you more. You always honest with me.

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