Crazy Love

I've through of this. Feels like : maybe she loves me but she was too shy to tell me.
Maybe one day she would say 'I love you, Mayya'. Maybe one day she would call me and ask 'How are you?'
Maybe one day she would come to me and hug me.

I realize now that's how she manipulated me. She knew that I will always love her. She knew I always forgive bad words she said to me. She knew I always nice to her after she hit me. She knows that she always be my mother.

Are you feeling this? Share it to me and i will listen.

After 7 years of leaving abuse, I'm starting to heal. This is the time I wil writing about my feeling about the abuse in my blog officialy. Mostly I reposted it from my account instagram @morningmayya.

The monsters do exist. Save other victims. Save kids. Save lives.
Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your soul.
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