Double Awards! Yaaaay!

It's an honor got these Awards from my beloved blogger friend, Mas Seagate. His blog posts really enlightened for us (especially me) in different ways. What different ways? You could ask Mas Bejo, his close fellow in his stories ^_^
Again, thank you for the awards, my friend!

Unfortunately, I  was not asked to continue these awards for you (T_T)
BUT, I've got another replacement: A QUIZ!

Aunty Titi Teliti helds a quiz named Kuis Slogan Gaul Kartini Modern in order to celebrate Kartini's Day - April 21st, 2012. This quiz will be held until May 5th, 2012 and the prizes are Exclusive T-Shirt and Hunger Games Novel! It is more interesting, isn't it?

This is what she says:

Don't let me win and good luck!

PS: I am also one of her Touch Korea Tour success team to support her wins to Korea! Go Go Aunty!

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  1. award bagus Gan, kren kenapa dikasih tulisan :
    inspiration award & inspiration blog ya Gan ?


  2. @titanicCoba di-gugel translate dulu mas ^^V


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