Potty Training Passed! Well-done Little Bee!

Potty training is one of the biggest and hardest tasks of the parents. Yes, because I've already through of it for just a moment ago. I thought at the beginning, it was become full of crying and so on. But, the truth is : it really isn't so hard. 

This is how I trained him.

I started training my son at about 1,5 years old. Before it, I put on my toddler underwear, because he peed a lot and it wet the floor. It was difficult for me to clean up. After he was used to it, I continued his potty training lesson. After asking my friends-the new moms too, Putri (Rifki's Mom) and Ria (Revan's Mom) I decide to not use a potty seat, so he can always pee or poop anywhere anytime, with or without the potty seat. I explained that he will use the potty to 'let the pee and the poop go'. I took him to the potty frequently every 3-4 hours and a lot of praise if he did. No matter if he did it or not, this is just make him used to and understand. After he woke up from a nap, I always took him to the potty, too. Sometimes, there was accident, I explained again to him, without angry to him, what he must do. I still used diapers only night or going out.

Next lesson, I explained that he will told us if he will pee or poop. And I still took him to the potty as usual every 4-5 hours then and after woke up from a nap. He started to told us, although it was too late, I praised him because he could told us. I still used diapers at night or going out.

Week by week passed and my son learned quickly. He was never again to pee in his pants at home. If we're going out, he was no longer pee or poop in diapers. He always told us.

A few days ago, Little Bee is 2 years 3 months now, I decide to not used him diapers at night, because in a few weeks, he did not pee in diapers. I explained that again to him. Before go to bed, I took him to the potty. And walllaaaaa, in the morning, he did not wet the bed!

Mission accomplished!
Good job Little Bee ^_^

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  1. Wah, cepet ya potty trainingnya! Gue sekarang lagi coba pelan2, dibawa ke potty beberapa kali sehari supaya dia terbiasa. Masih agak ambigu apakah mo dipakein celana dalem aja, soalnya keknya dia blm siap, kalo BAB/BAK ga bilang, tau2 kecelakaan aja. kayaknya gue mau terusin celana dalem aja deh, moga2 dengan dirajinkan duduk di potty dan mengalami kecelakaan dia mau ngasih tau pas dia harus BAB/BAK.

    Thanks for sharing dan mampir ke blog gue ya. :)

  2. Mudah-mudahan berhasil ya mbak!
    Ntar klo kesana, suguhin snack ama teh ya hihihi

    Keep posting dan rajin-rajin mampir kemari! ^^

  3. little bee hebat... ^^ Nisa msh bljr BAB dlu, klo BAK msh di diapers... emaknya belom siap lepas diapers... hehehe... takut basah dimana2, dsni lantainya tatami soalnya, susah bersihinnya klo basah *alesan* :p


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