Who is Mayya

Morning Raindrops is a Mayya's blog, stay-at-home mom based in Pekanbaru, Indonesia shared her knowledge about motherhood, breastfeeding, family life, gardening, design and especially blogging.
Most of this blog is in Indonesia language or bahasa.
She desires to change her status from stay-at-home mom become work-at-home-mom and she has dream that her struggle can be an inspiration for other moms, like you!

Mayya supports PREVENT CHILD ABUSE  CAMPAIGN after what happened with her for years.

Give your support for her struggle and get enlightened!


Metal Photographer - The Hubby

Extraordinary angel
The owner of my ribs
My ticket to heaven

Our Morning Star - Little Bee

My teacher to be patient
Source of spirit
Tiny angel - like his father

Our Bright Sky - Little Boo

Sweet Smiley
Fast Learner
Brave Heart

The Blogger - Mayya

A Shy Loner
Big Dreamer

You can reach her by email

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